Cob Surveys - The Cob Specialist
Leslie Cornell Snr - the most trusted Cob Wall Specialist in Cornwall - has over 20 years of experience with cob building techniques that includes repairs, builds, lime rendering and pointing. Les Cornell Senior is based in St. Austell, Cornwall and performs cob wall surveys and is trusted and well known for his extensive knowledge and experience with historic buildings, their maintenance and renovation.
cob wall repair, cobwall specialist cornwall, lime rendering st Austell, lime pointing
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Cob Surveys

Producing approved cob surveys and cob reports for the construction professional, local planning authorities and public market-place for many years by ensuring accurate documentational and pictorial information.

Fortified with an Accreditation for Cob by the IHBC, The Cob Specialist provides cob surveys and cob reports in Cornwall and West Devon and are recognised for their evidence-based content as well as their learned observational qualities and are extensively applied to clarification requirement and/or appeasement debate.


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