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Leslie Cornell Snr - the most trusted Cob Wall Specialist in Cornwall - has over 20 years of experience with cob building techniques that includes repairs, builds, lime rendering and pointing. Les Cornell Senior is based in St. Austell, Cornwall and performs cob wall surveys and is trusted and well known for his extensive knowledge and experience with historic buildings, their maintenance and renovation.
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Listed Buildings & Conservation

Historic England

“All buildings built before 1700 which survive in anything like their original condition are listed, as are most of those built between 1700 and 1840”.

Cornwall Council Conservation

“Cornwall is fortunate in having a rich heritage of building, important both architecturally and historically. Such buildings are admired for their craftsmanship and to lose them would be to lose a vital part of Cornish character and cultural heritage. There are 12,664 Listed Buildings in Cornwall with the greatest concentration in the North East of the County. Buildings are listed to give them protection from unsympathetic alteration and demolition. This does not mean that they cannot be altered but the legislation is designed so that any proposed work to a listed building is given full and proper consideration”.

Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings SPAB

Q. Does listing stop me changing my building?

A. Listing is not a ‘preservation order’ that stops all change. On the contrary it is simply a marker that the building is special and that before changes are made they must be assessed by the local authority, and for more important buildings by English Heritage or its equivalent. Contrary to popular belief the majority of listed building applications are approved.

  • Do you require works to a Listed property in Cornwall?
  • Are you contemplating purchasing a Listed building in Cornwall and concerned about how much building work is required and the costs involved?
  • Do you own a Listed building in Cornwall that requires attention and need more info?

If yes to any of these, please read on…

It’s common knowledge that getting Listed Building Consent to undertake any work on a Listed Building can be challenging at best and impossible at worst, however, our experience here proves that the process and ultimate go-ahead is uncomplicated and more importantly, comfortably affordable. We have no ‘fast-track’ system or exclusivity, nevertheless our solid relationship with Cornwall Council Conservation and Historic England is an invaluable asset, held with pride and commitment.

We offer a wide range of sympathetic building restoration services, including repair, reconstruction and/or maintenance contracts that will safeguard your property or project and give you the confidence that all works are of the highest standard and that they meet current, mandatory obligations.

Please note that ALL of our submitted Listed Building Consent Applications are rigorously compiled to ensure full observance to Listed Building Regulations and Legislation in accordance with the Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 and Revised National Planning Policy Framework 2018 – The Environment. Put simply, we will only endorse Applications that do not compromise the building’s integrity and/or de-characterize the historic [built] environment.

For all your Listed building and building restoration requirements or queries, please visit our cob specialist contact details page.

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