Natural Paints for historic buildings - The Cob Specialist
Leslie Cornell Snr - the most trusted Cob Wall Specialist in Cornwall - has over 20 years of experience with cob building techniques that includes repairs, builds, lime rendering and pointing. Les Cornell Senior is based in St. Austell, Cornwall and performs cob wall surveys and is trusted and well known for his extensive knowledge and experience with historic buildings, their maintenance and renovation.
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Natural Paints for historic buildings

Why do historic walls require specialist paints?

Primarily to maintain breathability. Internal and external lime plasters and lime renders applied to historic walling not only protect underlying fabrics they also enable crucial substrate breathability. The same assurance can be sustained when natural, breathable paints are correctly introduced. There are many different types and brands of suitable paints available in the market-place and for varying backgrounds, however there are some that claim they are ‘breathable’ but are not. If in any doubt seek specialist advice.

Will specialist paints be expensive?

Yes and No. Some paint systems are as simple in their application as they are cheap to buy. This doesn’t mean that they are inferior, what it does mean is that they are probably not as long-lasting (without repeated re-application) as other more expensive paints. Lime-wash is a great example of a perfectly designed ‘paint’ that is natural, achieves breathability and costs just a few pounds, however for lime-wash to be effective many, many coats are required and as often as possible. In contrast, mineral (or silicate) paint systems can be costly to purchase and more labour intensive to apply, with some manufacturers promising zero-maintenance for 20 years. Of course there are plenty of good, effective and affordable paints in between. So, there is a budget-aware choice to be had.

Are colour choices limited?

No. All stockists have a comprehensive colour card choice available and some outlets will mix and blend to match an existing and/or bespoke colour.

For all your natural paint requirements or queries, please visit our cob specialist contact details page.

Leslie Cornell Senior