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Leslie Cornell Snr - the most trusted Cob Wall Specialist in Cornwall - has over 20 years of experience with cob building techniques that includes repairs, builds, lime rendering and pointing. Les Cornell Senior is based in St. Austell, Cornwall and performs cob wall surveys and is trusted and well known for his extensive knowledge and experience with historic buildings, their maintenance and renovation.
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Lime Plastering in Cornwall

Lime Plastering and Lime Rendering

Lime plastering in Cornwall for stone, cob, brick and lathe. Natural lime plasters provide a sympathetic wall coating that allows for substrate breathability and, to some extent flexibility. Cornwall’s historic building stock display many examples of natural wall (and ceiling) coverings. Lime plaster in Cornwall to old walls can also create a healthier environment.

Lime Plaster Cornwall

lime plastering cornwall

Natural lime plasters in Cornwall can not only ensure a pleasing aesthetic they also allow for inherent moisture movement within the principal walling. All historic walling, whether it be cob, stone or old brick will have a moisture content however we must avoid excessive and/or build-up of moisture. Impermeable claddings such as cementitious coatings, silicon paints, etc will trap moisture and therefore lead to a degree of problems. Most notably, decoration discolouring and surface failings ie blown and/or separated plaster/s.

Lime Plaster Cornwall

There are many different types and brands of lime plasters that are widely available, however this article is focused on why breathable coatings should be introduced rather than which one to choose. All walls are unique and so are their characteristics, equally the immediate environment should be strongly considered before purchase and application.

We have over 20 years of experience here at The Cob Specialist and continue to deliver a knowledge-based and professional approach to all historic walling.

Leslie Cornell Senior