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Leslie Cornell Snr - the most trusted Cob Wall Specialist in Cornwall - has over 20 years of experience with cob building techniques that includes repairs, builds, lime rendering and pointing. Les Cornell Senior is based in St. Austell, Cornwall and performs cob wall surveys and is trusted and well known for his extensive knowledge and experience with historic buildings, their maintenance and renovation.
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Clay in Cornwall

Cornwall is widely recognised for having geological diversity and an abundance of mineral wealth. Most famously these days, is the extraction and processing of China clay and, not too distant in the past, the mining of tin.

Perhaps not so well known and possibly over-looked is the presence of clay. Clay is be found below the top-soil and upper surfacing nearly everywhere in Cornwall, the exception being the granite outcrops of Bodmin Moor and the Lands End peninsula.

Clay has been (and still is) used for cob building in Cornwall.

The clay was relatively easy to extract because of its close proximity to the surface.

Typically, the excavation would be the location for the cob building.

Leslie Cornell Senior